Well, what are the main changes for our favorite bumpkins?

First of all, we can see that Grace and Benediction play no more for the farmers, we can probably guess that they’ll have access to a minor guild too, as they don’t have access anymore to Union players.

Then, the two captains : Grange and Thresher.


A big change in Grange statline is the Influence. He loses 1 base inf to become 4/6.
Like all the planters, he gains a non momentous 2 DMG on the first column, and his playbook changes a bit.
No more Honest Labour to trigger, but a new play, Help’em Out, an active version of the old Lend a Hand, which can be triggered on the 3rd and 5th column. Grange now has 2 momentous damage results unlike 3 before, and seems to be more push-oriented, as we can see now 4 push results against 2 on the previous version.
He keeps Constitution and his 26 HP.
The back of his card does not change, except for the loss of Lend a Hand.


The Old Father keeps the same statline and Health Points, but the big changes are on the playbook. 2 momentous damages on the first column ! You don’t lose 1 activation to put Tooled up (don’t have access anymore) on him, that means that he can always be at his best! Hes has no more 3DMG + KD result, but you can see that the playbook is shorter and all the results are more accessible than before. I try to imagine wraps on thresher’s attacks…ouch!
Scything March is now a play, and is no more linked with the position of harvest markers, you can do it wherever you are. The back of the card has one change in the Legendary Play, in place of +2TAC, Thresher can now uses a Character Play without spending any Influence.


The Cock’s statline and HPs don’t change, but he loses his momentous damage, and can no more trigger Cocksure with an attack. The only change on the back is the Heroic Play: sadly, friendly models does not make the free 1” dodge any more, but in exchange…they can remove all conditions they’re suffering AAAWW YEAH !


The donkey from space…gains 1 Influence! From 0/2 he becomes now 1/3, here is the Influence Grange lost! Carrot and Stick becomes a trait and all remains the same, except for the loss of territorial. Damnit, this mascot was almost a regular squaddie! Glad that it’s back in the real world!


The Farmers striker now gains a momentous Tackle dodge on first column, that is something to remember! But the main thing to note is that, as a reaper, Bushel gains more damage results than before…look at that fourth column! That’s a new kind of striker we have here! Influence on Bushel will never be wasted, when she does not have the ball, she can either go to retrieve it, or deal some damages. Ball’s Gone and I’m Open remain the same, but Bushel can trigger Ball’s Gone on the second column now. Like Thresher, all the results are more accessible, It’s like all column have been downgraded by one.
She’s no more protected by Harrow, another broken interaction that will allow the farmer’s player to spread his models on the Pitch more than before. Cabbage Punt gives a free character play and she gains Close Control. I guess Bushel is back to the game!


Some losses on grandma’s statline, she’s now 2/6” KICK and 0/4 INF. Her playbook gains a free +1 DMG on each damage result except for the fifth column.


The young planter loses his Tooled up which is also directly included in his playbook. This 2 DMG on the first column will always guarantee rough counter attacks. In place of Tooled Up, he gains Marked Target, and he can momentously trigger it on the 2nd column. Very interesting to extend the reach of his mates. He doesn’t look busy any more, but gains Planting Season. Once more, farmers are more independent than before.


The First Lady is on the way to complete healing as she’s now 5”/7” MOV but 2/3 INF. Her playbook has some kind of reorganisation and she loses crofting time for Cocksure.
Fields of Wheat concerns now only one harvest marker and she gains Planting Season.
The Legendary allows now an additional jog…With Market Target and that, do we have to expect farmers becoming faster?


The Scarecrow becomes 2/3 INF and also gains 2 DMG on his first column. Except for the name, no changes on his CP. The back doesn’t change.


No changes on the statline here, it has already be done few months ago. Millstone does not deal momentous damages as easy as before, but she does more now! 3 damages on the second column! Some butchers dream of that! She loses Get Out for the gain of Battering Ram, a spare of influence ! The main change on the back is Take One for The Team, which is back to 6”, reinforcing the idea that farmers will be able to play more far from each other.


The man with a plough already has a full blog for himself : http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/season-4-ploughman


The handsome yokel has now, like other farmers, a free +1 DMG directly integrated in the playbook. An easier Tackle, but less pushes, only a simple > on the third column. He can no more crop the fields to heal himself but keeps Mow Down. The back of his card does not change.


We can see big changes on the big guy. He seems to be harder, better, faster, stronger!
MOV 4”/6”, TAC 6, 1/2 INF. His playbook deals more damages than before, and he always has a momentous result on each column. His pushes and KD are easier, but he loses 6 HP! I guess this is compensated by the new Snackbreak.
All these buffs are understandable when looking at the back of his card. Windle loses Stop Slacking and the Breakfast gives him more MOV instead of TAC. These free dodges were useful when the Big Guy suffered Goad or MOV penalty…he’ll be easier to control now. Hale and Hearty is now replaced by Empathy, which apply all the time.

At first look, farmers seem to be easier to play… Don’t know if it’s good for farmers players but it looks like a lot of interactions between them have disappeared. It was for me a big part of this team’s gameplay, but with this new version, I think they’ll be no more locked on the pitch as before. And you, what are your first thougts?

Your devoted and well English-speaking French pundits

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